We are growing fast, and always happy to find new partner to mutually grow. We aim to partner with like-minded business and build synergies.

  • Option to create a specific formula for your brand

  • We can provide our service in your facilities (~1 hour turn around time if we leave inventory with you)

  • Profit sharing and attractive promoter partnership deals.

Please reach out if you believe we should talk!

A few examples of partnerships options:

Hotel – Oopps’s IV Drip in guests rooms, at events, or in your other facilities like the spa
Spas – Oopps’s IV Drip while receiving a massage

  • Private membership clubs – Oopps’s IV Drip for your guests in your facilities
  • Clubs / high end bars – Oopps’s IV Drip in recovery room or for the after party
  • Restaurants – Promoting Oopps
  • Hair salons – Oopps’s IV Drip while receiving any services (haircut, masks, perm..)
  • Make up artists – Oopps’s IV Drip at the same time
  • Gyms – Oopps’s IV Drip for recovery