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Why choose Oopps Aesthetics ?

Oopps Aesthetics, a division of the esteemed Siam Beauty Clinic, stands at the forefront of wellness innovation, integrating advanced medical diagnostics with cutting-edge holistic and aesthetic services.

Located in Phuket, Oopps Aesthetics is renowned for its IV drip clinic, offering an array of treatments, including vitamin therapy and tailor-made health plans developed through professional consultations.

Key offerings include:

  • Scientifically developed IV cocktails ensuring full absorption and swift hydration
  • State-of-the-art cosmetic anti-aging procedures
  • A range of the most recent advancements in wellness therapies.


Whatever the concern, a host of IV infusions, advanced cellular and aesthetic treatments await at OOPPS.


OOPPS’s IV drips provide a host of powerful benefits – everything from boosting brain power, immunity, metabolism and energy levels to reversing the signs of ageing. Packed full of nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, our IV menu offers well-researched and scientifically proven solutions.

Super Anti X-2 has doubled the amount of vitamins concentrated than the original formula, and contains vitamins in the rehabilitation group to strengthen the immune system, along with a miracle 4-day supplement that enhances the effectiveness of injections and improves sleep and sleep.

Wake up refreshed, not tired, bright face, can inject patients during recovery period. Vitamin injections and supplements are not medicinal and are not skin-changing injections. All our vitamins are cooked fresh before injection.

Mayer’s Cocktail IIformulated to restore healthy and refreshing body, strengthening immunity from asthma Migraine, fatigue, muscle pain, chronic muscle inflammation, sinusitis. Allergies, colds, rashes , hives (can be injected to nourish patients during the rehabilitation phase), as well as rejuvenate sun-damaged skin. Drinking alcohol The body works hard, rests less, stays up late, shabby, stimulates energy metabolism and improves fitness performance.

Immune booster (Vista Vital)  to strengthen your body against colds and viral infections. It is a medical grade vitamin that helps patients with colds recover from colds faster.

Vitamins can help with supplements. It also affects the nourishment of the skin to be radiant. Components of Vista – Vital

Liver Detoxification with vitamins helps to protect the liver from toxins. Whether it’s cosmetics. Airborne smoke Chemical residues and contamination in vegetables and fruits.

Liver Detoxification Therapy is a vitamin detox. Amino acids, BC vitamins, magnesium, sodium bicarbonate, peptides, glutathione, and nutrients

Flush out toxins and rehydrate instantly.

Partying too hard takes its toll the next morning. Suffer no more with VIVID’s signature hangover cure. Drop by for an IV drip to combat headaches, upset stomachs and dizziness. Our cocktail rehydrates, detoxes the liver, and boosts energy levels to get you through the day.

Hailed as the “Fountain of Youth”, oxidising agent nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD+, has been shown to silence genes that accelerate the ageing process.

It is a stress relief therapy which makes cells resistant to stress, repairs damaged DNA, and reduces inflammation. It also boosts brain function, mood and energy levels.

Whether you’re here to get some business done or enjoy some time off, don’t let jet lag hamper your enjoyment or productivity.

Let our Jet Lag IV infusion therapy get you back to yourself as soon as possible.

Vitamin D3 may also play a role in heart health.

The vitamin protects the lining of your blood vessels and reduces your risk of cardiovascular problems, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attack and stroke.


If you want to find a way to whiten your skin, OOPPS’s IV Drip, a vitamin that restores to the cellular level, for a whiter, youthful face. Stimulates the production of collagen from the skin layer.

Boost the strength, health and apcearance of your halr, skn and nals with a supercharged dose of Vitamin C, zinc and Glutathione, a trio of powertul antioxidants that work from the inside.

Concentrated vitamin formula from Siam Clinic to restore damaged skin from sunlight.Let’s come back to be bright urgently. Adjust the skin color regularly.

Stimulate create collagen High concentration of vitamins Contains collagen, vitamin C Vitamin B and ALA that help restore deep to the skin cells. come back to balance

Helps restore dull skin from the sun to be urgently whitened, brightening the skin, feeling it from the first time, safe for all ages.

It is a formula that nourishes the skin especially.

Helps to boot the skin to brighten the whole body. Look healthy, shine. Specific drug formulations

Vitamins to restore cellular levels for whitening and radiant skin Anti-aging, reduced fuzziness Dark spots, blemishes, freckles, fading. It protects the skin from UV rays, reduces the formation of inflammatory acne.

Acne scorching Acne blockage Makes the skin smoother. Smaller pores reduce wrinkles on the face, stimulate collagen production from the skin layer, and maintain moisture. Adjusts the elasticity of the skin.

Premium Vitamins for Him (Smart Bright & Protect Sun) Nourishes bright, youthful skin formulated for men. Designed to rejuvenate skin that lacks nourishment.

Dehydrated skin, deteriorating skin, dull skin from the sun, returning to health, urgently clearing, nourishing the entire nervous system. The body is strong, refreshing, and not easy to get tired of. See if your skin improves from the first course.

Premium Vitamins for Her (Baby Bright & Protect Sun) Nourishes children’s skin, radiant skin Recipes for women Designed to help regenerate cells, brighten skin throughout the body, adjust skin tone evenly.

Stimulates the process of creating collagen from within high concentrations of vitamins. Seeing as it improved from the first course. The more continuous injections, the faster the dosing levels of vitamins, the more radiant the skin.

Whitening aura It’s not just in fiction, it awakens beauty, clear skin. Like Princess Snow White in the fairy tale, Snow White Aura is a formula that focuses exclusively on the skin.

It accelerates the production of glutathione in the body, producing more and faster without the need for whitening or mercury as a per-sukpha rate, and also contains concentrated vitamins that help to brighten the skin.

Smooth and soft skin to the touch It has a healthy aura and, more importantly, immuno collagen bootster. Immuno-Collagen Powder Drink Go back to the powder every day.


OOPPS’s IV drips provide a host of powerful benefits – everything from boosting brain power, immunity, metabolism and energy levels to reversing the signs of ageing. Packed full of nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, our IV menu offers well-researched and scientifically proven solutions.

It is a product with high concentrations of vitamin C.

Helps to make the skin whiter, smoother, the skin looks more healthy immediately. from high concentrations of substances Play a role in adding energy to the cells.

Helps protect cells from the harm of free radicals. Helps keep the skin’s moisture from deteriorating, making the skin look younger. look smoother. Wrinkles are reduced, the skin is resilient, soft and looks lively. Make your face look younger.And reduce the risk for people with heart problems.

Vitamin C helps stimulate the production of collagen in the body. Makes the skin look younger than its


Vitamin D3
Mayer’s Cocktail 1
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Super Anti X-1
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Aura Vit C
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Super White Extra
Pico-cell Ultra Whitening
Vitamin For Him & Her
Formula 1
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Formula 2
Snow White
Bio-Gluta Revital



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